"LVN - personalism and citizen" in english

Give the wish and the means to transform yourself and to act for the transformation of the world.

How ?

La Vie Nouvelle offers an original operating model combining :
- Small teams of 7 or 8 persons who meet regularly to share experiences, reflexions, doubts and convictions on a chosen theme ;
- Opened transverse workshops, to go further into particular theme ;
- week-ends and national training.

In the exchanges everybody’s learning from the others, with the aim to reach
- a real listening, without any priori, without any judgement
- a free, sincere and personal word

Who’s concerned ?

The Movment is open to everyone.
La Vie Nouvelle is an independant movment, pluralistic, free of any politic organisation, labor union or church.

On what topics ?

Members of "LVN - personalism and citizen"are concerned by all aspects of life (work, relations, family, ways of consumption, health, culture, politics, spirituality).
This global approach of the person allows to base on a personal transformation the commitments and the responsibilities of each in the society.

"LVN - personalism and citizen" is a non gouvernemental organisation. There are 40 local groups in cities in France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Reflexion and commitments for LVN are based on 3 axes : philosophy of the person, spirituality, politics.
They are inseparable to report the global nature of the person.

The charter of LVN defines references and goals of our actions.
Training is the heart of LVN’s actions and is turned toward the understanding of the current world, facing up one’s responsibility and personal development.

Public meetings (to debate and share) are organised with our partners : meetings with a defined theme, field trips, symposiums...

A magazine, Citoyens (Citizens), a website and occasional publications
are materials to transcribe debates and diffuse informations on the movment.
All of them recount our collective positions, the works from our groups or sectors as well as our partnerships.
Every member participates in the funding of the movement according to his incomes.

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